The History of the "Sissi" Cross


Emperor Franz Joseph II of Austria-Hungary gave this beautiful Gold Cross decorated with Bohemian Garnets to his beloved wife Elisabeth, better known as "Sissi". Empress Elisabeth turned to this cross in times of bitterness when she felt like a prisoner of the rigid court etiquette cultivated by the emperor's mother. This cross was close to Sissi in moments of both sorrow and happiness in her marriage and during maternity. This cross is a true replica of the original cross and very rare because there were only a few Sissi Crosses ever made to order for the USA.


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Sissi Cross Pendant - Extra Large Size
Item Number: GP-245 - 14K / 585 Gold
Size: 1 3/8 in x 2 in / 36 mm x 52 mm -- 2 1/4 in / 60 mm Total Length including Bail
Total Quantity of Stones: 11 Bohemian Garnets
Total Carat Weight: 10,56 Carats
Total Weight of Metal: 11,40 Grams

Website Price: $1,306.00Retail Price: $3,918.00